Food & Accommodation Services In Mangaf, Jahra, Faheel and other Areas in Kuwait.

Accommodation Facilities

  • The apartment comprising of one bed room
  • Each room will be accommodated 6 person.
  • Each apartment will have 1 (one) bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Each Bed Room will be provided with Bunker Beds for 2 inmates.
  • Each person will be provided with one mattress, one blanket, one pillow and One bed sheet.
  • 24 hrs Security will be provided by the first party.
  • 24 hrs Drinking water facility (Cold)
  • First aid kits will be made available at the building.
  • 24 hrs Building maintenance will be provided.
  • Free electricity and Water will be provided.
  • 24 hrs Cable TV and Internet work system with a minimum charge (if required)
  • Pest control will be done half yearly basis.
  • Personal Laundry facility is available with a minimum charge (if required)
  • Dining Hall facility at the ground floor. With all furniture & equipment’s & corkers will be provided.


  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided to the Camp Inmates or the Diners designated by second party.
  • The Menu Chart featuring a table for 15 days which will be revised every two month to avoid monopoly on Meals or as per the request of the second party, shall strictly follow the menu approved by second party.
  • Whole Chicken, Chicken parts and Chicken Products will be frozen.
  • Frozen Lamb from Australia/New Zealand or local only will be used. No Chinese Lamb will be used.
  • Frozen Beef and Minced meat from India will be used. All Food materials will be purchased from reputed companies in Kuwait. Further to this, raw materials specially imported directly by the first party also will be used. Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Fish and standard quality Fruits will be served.
  • All the food will be freshly prepared and served in the stipulated Time Table.
  • The Catering Staff will be in Uniform and wearing Disposable Aprons and Hand Gloves.
  • Evening tea will be provided between 4 to 6 pm everyday .


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